The Pleasant Picnic(26期)

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The Pleasant Picnic


Wonderful outing

A Trip in Spring

  It was a sunlit and enchanting scene of spring morning, when the teachers took us students of Grade 2 to go on our first spring outing. We set off at seven o'clock from school. In the warm spring breeze, we were walking there together.
  Fifty minutes later, we got to the destination. There, we were going to have a picnic. Some of us cooked rice, some cooked dishes, and some cooked soup. My deskmate, Guo Yunfeng, and I fried eggs. At first, we poured some oil in the pot. When the oil was hot enough, we put the egg into the pot. Soon after that, we turned it over. We were in threes or fours, and we were all bustling with our own tasks.
  Time's up! The meal was ready. Let's enjoy to our hearts' content. Bottoms up!
(By Wang Sen from Class 8 Grade 2, Baoying Experimental Junior Middle School)


The Pleasant Picnic

  It was a sunny day. We went out for a picnic. After arriving at the right place, we made a fire and got ready for lunch. There were six in each group. Everyone was excited.
  At first, I put the noodles into the boiling water, and then poured a little oil in as well as some seasonings. Stirred slowly, then what I could do was just to wait.
  What were the other groups doing? Someone peeled oranges, apples... Then cut them into small pieces. Oh, they were making a fruit salad!
  What was scorched? Oh no, the pumpkin pies! We got it out quickly with the chopsticks. Luckily, not all of them got bad. We put them on the plate, … …
  An hour later, all the things were ready. We sat together on the ground in a circle. “OK! Let's drink to our own lunch."
Everyone enjoyed themselves! It was really a pleasant picnic!

(By Cheng Jipeng from Class 7 Grade 2, Baoying Experimental Junior Middle School)


A Pleasant Picnic

  April 9, it was my happiest day, because we went on a picnic on that day. Not only did it make us relaxed, but also we learnt how to cook meals.
  On that morning, we got to school at seven o'clock on time. Then we set out together with our teachers. On the way the sun shone brightly, and the air was very clean, fresh and sweet. We talked and laughed happily. About two hours later, we arrived at the picnic place. It was quite a nice place. That was a wide grassland with many trees and flowers on it.
  With the help of the teachers, we began to cook. Our team's task was to cook dumplings. We started to make dumplings. But some of us weren't good at it. " My God!" Shouted Cao Feng. We looked at him and found the dumpling he was making broke! All of us laughed at him happily and we couldn't wait to help him to make dumplings.
  When the dumplings were made. We made a fire and began to cook the dumplings. But none of us noticed it until we heard the sound of the water boiling. We opened the lid of the pan and had a look. To our surprise, the water was too little and there were some grasses in it! We were very angry. But the only thing that we could do was to fetch water again!
  After a while, the water boiled. It was clean this time. So we put the dumplings in it carefully. Then waited for our delicious lunch quietly. About five minutes later, the dumplings all floated on the water top. We knew they were cooked well. We started to eat. They were really delicious. Soon we ate all of them up.
  At about one o'clock in the afternoon we made our way back to school. I felt a little tired after walking such a long way. But I was still very happy. I thought it was a very pleasant picnic.
  From this picnic, I realize that labor is the most valuable thing.
(By Chen Dandan from Class 9 Grade 2, Baoying Experimental Junior Middle School)


Great Fun

Dream Win

  Every year in all kinds of different countries around the world, a small number of people win huge prizes in lotteries(彩票). People are always dreaming of winning millions of dollars overnight(一夜间) in a lottery .
  People often wonder what they would do if they won one of these large sums of money .They have many different ideas.
  Some people say they would give it away to charities(慈善机构). Others say they would give most of it to their families. Some people just list all the things they would buy.
  One evening three friends were talking about what they would do if they won millions of dollars.
  "What would you do," the first man asked the other two, "If you woke up one morning and discovered you had won fifty million dollars?"
  His two friends thought for a few moments, then one of them said,"? I'd buy the biggest house in the world; or maybe I'd buy several houses in different parts of the world so I could go live anywhere I like. They would all have to have wonderful views, of course. And I'd employ hundreds of servants to look after me and take care of all my beautiful gardens."
  The other said, "I'd spend my life traveling around the world. I'd go to Africa, North and South America, all over Europe and anywhere else I wanted .I'd stay at the best hotels. I'd eat only the most expensive food and wear the finest clothes."
  The two men turned to their friend who had asked the question." And what about you? What would you do if you woke up one morning to discover you had won fifty million dollars?"
  The man laughed.
  "Oh, I'm a greedy(贪心的) person. I'd go back to sleep and try to win another fifty million," he said.
                (Offered by Wang Cheng, Class 8 Junior 2, Huaian Foreign School)



   (供稿:淮安外国语学校  王成)

Life Philosophy

Playing a violin with three strings

  Itzhak Perlman, the violinist, came on stage to give a concert at Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City. But this time, something went wrong. Just as he finished the first few bars(小节), one of the strings on his violin broke. He smiled, wiped the sweat from his brow, raised his bow to quiet us, and then said - not boastfully, but in a quite pensive, reverent tone - "you know, sometimes it is the artist's task to find out how much music you can still make with what you have left." What a powerful line that is. It has stayed in my mind ever since I heard it. And who know? Perhaps that is the definition of life - not just for artists but for all of us. Here is a man who has prepared all his life to make music on a violin of four strings, who, all of a sudden, in the middle of a concert, finds himself with only three strings. So he makes music with three strings which was more beautiful, more sacred, more memorable than any that he had ever made before, when he had four strings.
  (Offered by Wang Yi, Class 8 Junior 2, Huaian Foreign School)



  (供稿:淮安外国语学校  王奕)


Tasty Olive

1. A miss is as good as a mile.
2. Actions speak louder than words.
3. Better late than never.
4. Easy come, easy go.
5. Look before you leap.
6. All things are difficult before they are easy.
7. Love me, love my clog.
8. Where there is a will, there is a way.
9. Bitter pills may have wholesome effects.
10. An idle youth, a needy age.
          (Offered by Hang Feijian & Wu Chuyi, Huaian Foreign School)


(供稿:淮安外国语学校 杭飞健 吴楚怡)


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