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Life experience




Happy Winter Vacation
(By Zhang Yu of Class 7 Grade 2)

  The Spring Festival is the most important traditional one in China. As an important part of it, fireworks bring us happier atmosphere than usual. This Spring Festival, Dad bought lots of fireworks as last year. On the eve, he lighted them, and then they blossomed like flowers in the sky, with sweet sounds and brilliant light. How beautiful! I was deeply moved, though every Spring Festival I felt it. It brought me the beautiful feelings. At that moment I was buried in the sea of happiness. And also it made me feel more about the prosperity of our homeland.
  Meanwhile, However, I was worried about the fireworks. First, setting off firecrackers made a tremendous noise and caused serious air pollution. Also children's safety faced the crisis of getting burned or injured in the eyes. What's worse, many dustmen's valuable time was wasted for fireworks pieces after being set off dirtied the environment.
  So I thought some day we'll have to forbid making and setting off fireworks, though it's a Chinese custom for hundreds of years.

——宝应中学高二(7)班  张钰

My Trip To Australia
(By Zhang Yu of Class 11 Grade 3)

  During this winter holiday.I paid a visit to a foreign country, Australia . When people had a cold winter here, I had a hot summer there. Australia had many places to visit, just like the Olympic Village, the Opera House, Bondi Beach and so on. The food people eat there is not the same as ours. And the culture of Australia is different from that of China.
  However, the most important thing is that people there don`t keep the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is only for Chinese. So, on the New Year`s Eve, it was not as lively as in China. At this time, we felt more and more homesick.
  With a delightful feeling of serene seclusion, I played and studied. When I studied at school, I remembered my friends and teachers. When I had a rest in the hotel, I remembered my father and mother. Only when I sat on the beach and looked at the blue sea and the blue sky, I instantly felt refreshed. So Australian seas were kept in my heart.
  What a wonderful foreign trip!

——淮安外国语初三(11)班  张宇

  (Australia is a beautiful country, it has many sheep and kangaroos . But this was not mentioned in this passage, from this passage we felt a little homesick , too . The writer loves her mother, her father, China and the culture of China. We know it is very important. Australia is beautiful, but we love China because we're Chinese.
——Gao Lishun from Huaian Foreign Language School)(荐评老师:高立顺)


Colors of life
(By Zhou Juan of Class 5 Grade 2)

  I liked painting when I was very young. I painted the sky, the broad sea and the green forest. Although I still didn't understand what the harmony of colors was, how to use a pen to manifest, only simply doubled what I thought of the wonderful things.
  At that time, the most beautiful dream was only sitting in the green grass, looking into the blue sky, gnawing(咬, 啃) the yellow cracker, playing the game of throwing the handkerchief.
  Bit by bit, I was growing up and became mature(成熟的). I just knew the life wasn't so simple or easy and that it wasn't like the boresome(烦人的) Children's building-block(积木) to kill the time. There was always black color in our life: the failure of different kinds of examinations, the very drastic(激烈的) competitions, the quarrels with classmates, making me know that misfortune is also another color of the life. Hardship also results in much happiness.
  Life is just like this. Life is beautiful, so it is unnecessary for us to add to our present annoyance(烦恼). When heavy dark clouds clear away, of course, there is still a beautiful and sparkling sunshine waiting for us.
  Life is showing yourself frankly. Fortune and misfortune are the final color of life. You needn't attend too much. Also, it is unnecessary to hide yourself.
  Only when we expand our arms to embrace the whole world around us will we feel that life is so beautiful and sweet. You need to paint your colors of life.

——宝应中学高二(5)班  周娟


Tove Pants Better

  A boy came into the house covered with mud finising a rough day at play "Mum," He shouted at the top of his voice, "If Ifell out of a tree, would you rather l broke a leg or tore my pants?"
  "What a silly question!" his mother an swered from the next room, "l'd rather you tore your pants!"
  "Well, l got good news for you then ." The boy replied trium phantly.
  "That's exactly what happened."



——淮安外国语学校初二(4)班  陈静  供稿

I’m a barber

  Girl: How many times do you shave a day?
  Boy: Oh , about forty or fifty times.
  Girl: Are you crazy?
  Boy: No, I'm a barber.


  女: 你每天刮几次脸?
  男: 喔,四五十次吧!
  女: 你疯了不成?
  男: 不,我是个理发师。

——淮安外国语学校初二(4)班  李文  供稿


Pop Whirlwind-Hip Hop
(By Wu Hongmei of Class 5 Grade 2)

  The young always like fresh fashion, of course, including me, especially those full of energy and vitality(活力). Even full of passion(激情) is more favored and attention-getting.
  I always remember an advertisement sentence: Parents don't accept presents this year except for "Naobaijing". I can also make an advertisement sentence: Brothers, don't sing songs except for Hip Hop. Yeah, it is Hip Hop. It is inspiring the young all over the world. Both the rhythm and melody will make you burning.
  For those who don't know Hip Hop, you might just think it is s style of music-bnut actually it's a lot more. Hip Hop is a fashion, it's dance, it's art, it's music and it's a whole youth culture.
  Since the September of 1979, when Sugerhin Gang's Rapper's Delight was released to Jay Chou in Taiwan Island, it has gone through twenty years.
  There are two people you really need to make Hip Hop, a DJ(流行音乐节目主持人 (disc jockey)) and a rapper(进行说唱表演的人). In fact some people think that rappers are a kind of poet, but with a musical accompaniment.
  The lyrics (歌词) may sound strange. But don’t worry! What’s important in Hip Hop music is how the words rhyme together fit the beat of the music.
  People gradually take up Hip Hop music. So Hip Hop can really be called "world music".

——宝应中学高二(5)班  吴红梅

  Oh, Susanna
  Oh, Susanna
  I came from Alabama,
  With my banjo on my knee,
  I'm going to Louisiana,
  My true love for to see,
  Oh, Susanna,
  Oh, don't you cry.
  For I came from Alabama
  With my banjo on my knee,
  It rained all night the day I left,
  The weather it was dry,
  The sun so hot I froze to death,
  Susanna, don't you cry.
  Oh! Susanna, oh! don't you cry for me.
  For I came from Alabama
  With my banjo on my knee.


  这首歌曲是美国民谣之父佛斯特(Stephen Foster)的早期作品。
(Provided by Carfu Chen)


  1. Truth needs no colour; beauty , no pencil.(真理不需色彩,美丽不需涂饰。)
—— William Shakespeare(莎士比亚)
  2. The language of friendship is not words but meanings. (友谊的语言不是词句,而是意义。)
—— Henry D. Thoreau(梭罗)
  3. One cannot be strong without love. For love is not an irrelevant emotion; it is the blood of life, the power of reunion of the separated.
—— Paul Tillich (保罗·蒂里希)
(Provided by Carfu Chen)


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