On a Chinese farm(22期)

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On a Chinese farm
In summer holidays, I often go to my grandma's home. My grandma is very glad. She is a farmer. There is a farm behind the house. They grow rice in summer and corn in autumn. There are some vegetables on the farm. I play there every day. There are many animals there. I love playing with the cats and dogs. They also have some chickens there. Sometimes I help them feed the chickens. There is a small house in the yard. Some ducks are living there. They shout every morning. The quiet yard becomes so alive suddenly. But I think the voice is the music of the world.
 (Sun Chang from Class14, Grade2 of Huai an Foreign Language School)
Comment: You have the greatest ability in your English study. You can describe what happens on the farm well. It shows out your love to the nature and life, and your good talent in English comes out freely.   (teacher: Wang Kuisheng)
Believing myself
The mid--term examination is gone. Someone is happy, she or he has got very good marks. But someone is angry or rueful, he or she hasn't approved of their own score. I'm unhappy, too. My score is not very good.
But I think marks aren't the most important. If you get very good marks, of course, you are great. But you can't become  proud, you must go on studying   in an industrious way. If you haven't got good marks in the examination, you needn't lose heart. Crying is useless. You must study with more and more assiduity(刻苦;勤奋). You can win next time.
Anyway, we will all study hard, and we   can all get good marks at last, I believe.
(Song Dian From Class 15,Grade 2 of Huai an Foreign Language School)
Comment: you have great talent in all your subjects. Besides, you are one of the outstanding students. I'm proud of you and expecting your great progress. I'm glad you have great confidence in yourself.
                                                  (teacher: Wang kuisheng)
1.Life is like a sea and only a strong--willed man can cross it.
2.There are huge waves in life, and sharp windings on the road.
3.Come with a whole heart and go without even a straw.
4.The greatest power you possess for succeeding in life is your understanding that life gives you a fresh start any moment you choose to start fresh.
Early in the morning Mr. Smith is cutting the grass in the yard. Mr. Green comes out and helps him. Mr. Smith is very happy and he asks Mr. Green, "Do you often help people cut grass?" "No!" "So why do you get up and help me?" Mr. Green says :"I help you cut the grass so that I can go back to sleep again."
一大早,史密斯先生就在院子里割草。格林先生出来帮他。史密斯先生非常高兴,他问格林先生:“你经常帮人们割草吗?”“不!” “那你为什么起来帮我?”格林先生说:“我帮你割草是为了我能够回去继续睡觉。”
(宝应实中初一(13)班 许咏)
A trip to Beijing
Last summer, my parents and I went to Beijing for our summer holidays.
We took a plane there. In the plane, I felt a bit nervous, because that was my first flight trip. But only five minutes later I felt better again. Everything looked so different from the air. Sights became more and   more beautiful.
Several hours later, we arrived in Beijing. My parents and I were very happy.
There we visited one of the great wonders in the world ---- the   Great Wall. We have never seen such a high, wide and long wall with   our own eyes before. So we took as many pictures as possible there.
We have also visited some other places. We enjoyed ourselves.
                                 (淮安外国语学校初三(1)班  朱莹莹)
On the farm
It's a sunny day. Some children are playing on the farm. It's a beautiful farm. There are some trees, some flowers and some animals.
Under a big tree, there are two horses, many chickens are behind their mother. Beside a river, there are four sheep drinking. Look, are those lots of beautiful flowers? No, they're not flowers. They are some butterflies. one, two, three, four, oh, there are four butterflies.
 There are four boys playing football under the big tree. Five boys and five girls are playing hopscotch (一种儿童所玩的“跳房子”游戏). Three boys are swimming. Four boys are rowing and singing. Listen “Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merry, merry, merry, merry Life is interesting……"
They're so happy.
(宝应实小六(5)班  何政雷)
My family
I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. They are my grandfather, grandmother, my parents and I.
My grandfather and grandmother live in Shanghai. My parents are all working in the town of Baoying county. They all work very hard. I love them very much,
My name is Zhou Mengxuan. I'm in Class 3 Grade 5 now. I'm a pupil in Baoying Experimental Primary School.
My father likes reading. My mother likes watching TV and cooking. I like playing computer games and reading different kinds of books.
I love my family very much!
(宝应实小五(3)班  周梦璇)
My Family
I have a very warm family.There are three people,my father, mother and me.We live together(一起)happily .My father is a bright(聪明的)gentleman.My mother is a kind-hearted(热心的)lady.I'm a good student.I love my parents.And my parents love me,too.What's our favorite color and food? Guess! We all like green and eating noodles(面条).I have a happy family.Welcome to my home!
(宝应实小  高文歆)
My room
This is my small room. There is a bed in the room. There are two white rabbits and a brown bear on my bed. There is an orange desk beside the bed. There is a lamp and some books on it. On the wall is a photo of my family. On the left is my father, and he is 36 years old. On the right is my mother, and she's 34 years old. Between them is a girl. That is me, and I'm 11. How lovely! A bookcase is beside the photo. There are lots of books in the bookcase. There is a piano behind the desk. There is a beautiful dog clock on the desk. I often do my homework at the desk. In the wall there are two windows. I clean the windows and sweep the floor on Sunday.
This is my room. Welcome to my room.
(宝应实小五(7)班   张嘉荣)
(1)My Best Friend
I have many friends. Among them Liang Chuanyang is my best friend. He is a boy who has long hair and big eyes. He is tall and thin, and has very long legs and arms.
After class he plays games. Many friends of mine can not compete against him. Only I can beat him.
During classes we help each other.
Liang Chuan Yang is my best friend.
Beckham is an unarguable king of soccer. He is an Englishman and plays in Royal Madrid now. Beckham is very handsome and has numerous fans around the world.
I wish I could get his real signature one day.
I love Beckham very much.
(宝应实小  诸子帆)
1.    be as busy as a bee 忙忙碌碌
2.    be as easy as ABC 易如反掌
3.    be all thumbs 笨手笨脚
4.    be ants in one’s pants 坐立不安
5.    go all out 全力以赴
6.    Business is business 公事公办
7.    fine start and poor finish 虎头蛇尾
8.    mad with fury 怒火冲天
9.    The early bird catches the worm. 捷足先登
10. fish in troubled waters 混水摸鱼;趁火打劫

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