The most beautiful woman in my heart

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The most beautiful woman in my heart
The most beautiful woman in my heart
Who is the most beautiful woman in my heart? “My mother!” I react without any hesitation.
My mother is the most beautiful in my heart. She looks young from her age. With big eyes and long hair, she impresses everyone around her, including me. And she is always proud of her slim figure. Surely enough she is kind and tender.
My mother is the most beautiful in my heart. She works hard at every aspect. All her colleagues are always saying that she works harder than others in that factory. What's more, she is often praised for her excellent job by her boss. She comes back to prepare meals for us and tidy up rooms. Thanks to my mother, my family can have a comfortable living environment. As to me, she does everything for me selflessly. When I’m hungry, she offers me food; when I’m cold, she provides me with clothes; when I’m in low spirit, she always raises me up; when I’m not myself, she comes to me and takes good care of me.
My mother is the most beautiful in my heart. In my daily life, she also plays an important role---educator. When I was a child, she told me many fair tales and taught me how to be a good child patiently. Now she encourages me to realize my dream.
The most beautiful woman in my heart is my mother. She never asks me for anything while giving all she could. How deep the love is! I love this beautiful woman.
             (宝中9级19班 刘凡凡)
My Mom
Some people bring out the best in you in a way that you might never have fully realized on your own. My mom was such kind of woman.
She gave birth to me at the age of 20. In common with most women of her age in the countryside, my mom didn’t receive much education. But compared with others my mom is more optimistic.
After my birth, she determined to study in a medical college so that she could build her own career. One of the mottos for my mom is that “you are certain to be a great person and you can do anything in life if you work hard enough to get it.”
Time has gone by and now I am a student studying in a high school. There is no doubt that my mom is a responsible doctor. However, when I was in low spirits, my mom would speak to me in a gentle and loving voice, telling me that no matter what happened, I could make it as long as I have the aim.
I have experienced various levels of study success. Not surprisingly, mom is one of my strongest supporters. Now I only want to say “Mom, thanks to you and I love you forever.”
        (监利总校高中部08级20班 何雅柔)
The most beautiful girl in the world
She is a friend of mine.
She is gentle and quiet.
She is neither too tall nor too short.
She is slim.
There is always a beautiful smile on her face.
All my friends like her because she is polite and helpful.
Her name is Shao Ning Ya.
One day some workers were repairing the road. They had a big pit in the road. It was late, so they put up a sign on the road. The sign could tell people to be careful not to drop into the pit. Some time later, a blind man was walking towards the pit. He could not see the sign. Just then Shao Ning Ya was there and shouted, “Be careful! Do not walk any farther or you will fall into a pit. ”Then she helped the blind man to walk beside the pit safely.
I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Do you agree with me?
    (淮安曙光双语学校初中部 09级12班 于成亿)
Maternal love
Someone says,“maternal love is selfless”.Yes, maternal love is the warmth of the sun, the radiance of her devotion; maternal love is the vast.
You’re never too heavy for your mother to bear. But try, as you get older,to swaproles once in a while.Take the word“family”.Strike out the “m”for mother and the “y” for youth-and all you have left is “fall”. A mother untherstands what a child does not say. Real mothers know that a child’s growth is not measured by height or age . It’s marked by the progression of Mama to Mummy to mother. A mother is one who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.
We must love our mothers!
(监利新教育实验学校08级18班 陈明珠)
Female, you are the most beautiful in my heart!
When I was confused,
I remembered you—
mum and my women teachers.
you have the same name—
I remembered,
I put my hands in yous, mum.
you taught me to learn words, my teachers.
And now,
I am a middle school student,
I’m very proud.
I meet lots of new teachers.
They’re beautiful, friendly and tolerant.
My English teacher, Ms.Zhao.
She’s an active woman.
She teaches English very well.
We all love her.
Female,you are beautiful and
You are the most beautiful in my heart!
      (宝应实验初中09级5班 田梦贤)
Woman is like a flower
International Women's Day (8 March) is an occasion marked by women's groups around the world. This date is also commemorated at the United Nations and is designated in many countries as a national holiday. When women on all continents, often divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, come together to celebrate their Day, they can look back to a tradition that represents at least nine decades of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.
International Women's Day is the story of ordinary women as makers of history; it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men. In ancient Greece, Lysistrata initiated a sexual strike against men in order to end war; during the French Revolution, Parisian women calling for "liberty, equality, fraternity" marched on Versailles to demand women's suffrage.
Believe it or not, every woman is beautiful. Whether she is tall or short, fat or thin, virtuous or talented, whatever she looks like, what age she is in, I believe she is always charming and has her unique character compared with other women. Life is real. I think honest and natural are the most important things. A boring, illusive and factitious woman will make a man feel very tired. The result is he has to run away from you.
One word can describe a woman. That is love-love her child, husband, life and herself. This love is great and lofty. In the end the love will send woman into the heaven. We say woman's sentiment is like a flower, like a dream.
A woman like a jasmine is an emotional one as a jasmine flower is white, pure and scented. Such woman dreams the love can last forever. She will love the man even though she is hurt all over.
A woman like a night-blooming cereus lives for beauty and loneliness. All the life she searches for one night. A night totally belongs to her. She'll bloom all her beauty to him who she loves. But the time she waits may be one hour, one year or even ten thousand years. Who knows?
                (宝应实验小学 丁晓冬)
The first International Women’s Day
1869年,约翰·密尔(John Stuart Mill)是第一个在国会上提出妇女应该有选举的权利。1893年9月13号,新西兰成为世界上第一个妇女拥有表决权的国家。很长一段时间里,其他很多国家的妇女们并不能够享受到这种公平和参加选举的权利。
In 1869 British MP John Stuart Mill was the first person in Parliament to call for women’s right to vote. On 19 September 1893 New Zealand became the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. Women in other countries did not enjoy this equality and campaigned for justice for many years.
1910年,第二次关于劳动妇女的国际会议在哥本哈根举行。一位名叫克拉拉·蔡特金(Clara Zetkin)(德国的社会民族党妇女办公室主席)的妇女提交了关于国际妇女节的议案。她提议,每个国家每年都应该在某一天来庆祝妇女的节日,以便表达她们的要求。参加会议的100多名妇女来自世界17个国家,她们有来自工会的、社会政党的、妇女俱乐部的,包括3名芬兰议会选举的女性,以一致通过的方式产生了国际妇女节。
In 1910 a second International Conference of Working Women was held in Copenhagen. A woman named Clara Zetkin (Leader of the ‘Women’s Office’ for the Social Democratic Party in Germany) tabled the idea of an International Women’s Day. She proposed that every year in every country there should be a celebration on the same day – a Women’s Day – to press for their demands. The conference of over 100 women from 17 countries, representing unions, socialist parties, working women’s clubs, and including the first three women elected to the Finnish parliament, greeted Zetkin’s suggestion with unanimous approval and thus International Women’s Day was the result.
The very first International Women’s Day was launched the following year by Clara Zetkin on 19 March (not 8 March). The date was chosen because on 19 March in the year of the 1848 revolution, the Prussian king recognized for the first time the strength of the armed people and gave way before the threat of a proletarian uprising. Among many promise he made, which he later failed to keep, was the introduction of votes for women.
In 1913 International Women’s Day was transferred to 8 March and this day has remained the global date for International Women’s Day ever since. During International Women’s Year in 1975, IWD was given official recognition by the United Nations and was taken up by many governments. International Women’s Day is marked by a national holiday in China, Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine and Vietnam.
rude awakening 如梦初醒
A:I heard that Daniel, not Donald has been promoted.
B:Yes, Donald had thought that he was the boss's favorite employee. This time he had a rude awakening.
A:Poor Donald!
twist one's arm 采取强制手段
A:It's not easy to be a dean of a department.
B:I agree.
A:The new dean in our department is twisting the arms of some of the faculty members in order to get his way.
Mother Machree
There’s a spot in my heart, which no colleen may own;
There’s a depth in my soul, never sounded or known;
There’s a place in my memory, my life that you fill;
No other can take it, no one ever will;
Every sorrow or care, in the dear days gone by;
Was made bright by the light, of the smile in your eye;
Like a candle that’s set, in a window at night;
Your fond love has cheered me and guided me right;
Sure I love the dear silver that shines in your hair;
And the brow that’s all furrowed and wrinkled with care;
I kiss the dear fingers so toil warm for me;
Oh! God bless you and keep you, mother machree!
Importance of English
A cat and her four kittens ran into a large dog. When the kittens cowered, the cat let out a series of loud barks, scaring the dog away.Turning to her kittens, the cat said, You see how important it is to know a second language.
The hostess apologized to her unexpected guest for serving an apple-pie without any cheese. The little boy of the family left the room quietly for a moment and returned with a piece of cheese which he laid on the guest's plate.
The visitor smiled, put the cheese into his mouth and then said: “You must have better eyes than your mother, sonny.” Where did you find the cheese?”
 “In the rat-trap, sir,” replied the boy.
The science teacher lecturing his class in biology said, Now I'll show you this frog in my pocket.He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a chicken sandwich.He looked puzzled for a second, thought deeply, and said,That's funny. I distinctly remember eating my lunch.

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