A Letter to My Parents

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A Letter to My Parents


A Letter to My Parents
My dearest parents,
It is difficult to express my gratitude and love to you. I want to say so much, but I can hardly find the proper words. It’s you who brought me up. It’s you who gave me too much. It’s you who spent too much time looking after me.
Every morning, who I am still in the bed, Mom, you wake me up. Then you cook breakfast for me. Every night, when I am busy studying, Dad, you stay with me no matter how late it is.
Thank you! Thank you for being with me all the time. Your support and understanding gave me the strength to continue fighting. Without you I would give up.You are all my world. Your encouragement is like the sunshine, which brings me out of the dark.
Love and gratitude —this is what I feel standing now in front of you. I am happy to love you. I know that you love me , too. I would like to assure you that I will wonderfully achieve my goal. Some day, you will be proud of me. Thank you for support. Thank you for being with me all the time.
                       Yours sincerely,
                         Wang Kai
          (宝应中学08级29班  王 恺)
A Letter to Mother
Dear Mother,
I love you!
When I am with you face to face, I am not brave enough to speak it out. So I can only tell you about the feeling of my deepest heart in this letter.
I know that you have given me too much in the part few years. You have a lot of work to do every day. Which is just for me to live better. You don’t want beautiful skirts, which is just for me to wear better. All of there touch me, I really don’t know how to express my thanks to you.
I know that I am all your hope. I am you're the only one son. All of your love have given to me so that I can just grow up happily. In the same way, you are my everything, my support in sorrow, my hope in misery, and my strength in weakness. You are the source of my love. I have learned a lot from you.
I know that you love me. You always say to me “mum will love you forever”, “mum will stand by you forever no matter what happens”. What moving words! I feel happy, at the same time I feel my heart ache. Because I still have no courage to tell you about my love while you love me so much.
But I know that you could understand my love.
Mum, I love you like you love me.
There’s a spot in my heart which no other girl may own;
There’s a depth in my soul never sounded or known;
There’s a place in my memory
My life that you fill;
No other can take it
No one ever will.
 (监利总校高中部09级2班  熊子康)
A Letter to Mum
Dear Mum,
I realized that I have rarely expressed my gratitude to you. Heart of thanksgiving, thanks to you, my mother.
You give us the lives. You make us know the world. You make us endure the sufferings and hardships of human life. You make us enjoy the happiness of human life. You make us experience a series of physical and moral tests.
Only leaving four children, my Dad passed away when you were young. You have too much to do for bringing us up. You try your best to take good care of us and get us to receive the education without any complain. This is what we can’t pay off.
You are warm-hearted. If you get the help from the others’, you usually express your sincere gratitude to him or her. When you see someone in trouble, you always give her a hand as possible as you can. That’s what we learn from you.
You say the world is wonderful. Failure is the mother of success. What pieces of advice they are! We keep them in our mind.
Now you look older than you really are. Your hair is white. You still work hard. Our hearts are deeply moved.
Thank you once again for your offer. Best wishes.
                        Yours sincerely,
                 (宝应实验小学  董 菁)
A Letter to Teacher
Dear teacher,
How is everything going! Hope you are all well. Thank you very much for helping us at the beginning of my study. You always smiled at anyone of us and told us what the true life is. You said to us that honest and good faith are the highest level noble in human, and keeping diligent and industrious can make us get own everything success which you want. We could read and write from your substantial taught. We’ve got weapons on life from you. The words you told us have always being struck me in my past time. I can’t imagine my life without you on the nearly thirty years’ way and you are my second heart. There have always being warm memories in my mind as soon as I remember you.
I met you on the road yesterday occasionally. How wide your shoulders still are! How profound your eyes still are! How warm your smiling still is! How vigorous your steps still are!
My best wishes will be for you forever, wish my first teacher to be healthier and healthier, to be happier and happier forever.
                       Yours Sincerely,
                (宝应实验小学  彭春霞)
The Orign of Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day is the most truly American of the national Holidays in the United States and is most closely connected with(联系,有关) the earliest history of the country.
In 1620, the settlers(朝圣者), or Pilgrims(清教徒), they sailed to America on the May flower, seeking a place where they could have freedom of worship(崇拜). After a tempestuous(有狂风暴雨的) two-month voyage they landed at in icy November, what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts.
During their first winter, over half of the settlers died of(死于)starvation(饥饿) or epidemics(传染病). Those who survived began sowing in the first spring. All summer long they waited for the harvests with great anxiety, knowing that their lives and the future existence of the colony depended on the coming harvest. Finally the fields produced a yield rich beyond expectations. And therefore it was decided that a day of thanksgiving to the Lord be fixed .Years later, President of the United States proclaimed(宣布)the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day every year. The celebration of Thanksgiving Day has been observed(庆祝) on that date until today.
The pattern of the Thanksgiving celebration has never changed through the years. The big family dinner is planned months ahead. On the dinner table, people will find apples, oranges, chestnuts(栗子), walnuts(胡桃)and grapes(葡萄). There will be plum pudding(干布丁), mince pie(碎肉馅饼), other varieties of food and cranberry juice(红莓苔汁)and squash(果汁). The best and most attractive among them are roast turkey and pumpkin pie(番瓜馅饼). They have been the most traditional and favorite food on Thanksgiving Day throughout the years.
Everyone agrees the dinner must be built around roast turkey (烤火鸡)(stuffed with a bread dressing (调味品、填料)to absorb the tasty juices as it roasts(烘烤). But as cooking varies with families and with the regions(地区) where one lives, it is not easy to get a consensus on(就……达成一致) the precise kind of stuffing for the royal bird.
The New Teacher
George comes from school on the first of September.
“George, how did you like your new teacher?” asked his mother.
“I didn't like her, Mother, because she said that three and three were six and then she said that two and four were six too . ”
9月1日,乔治放学回到家里。“乔治,你喜欢你们的新老师吗?”妈妈问。“妈妈,我不喜欢,因为她说3加3得6, 可后来又说2加4也得6。”
Where Am I ?
An Englishman lost his way while he was driving in the countryside. He saw a farmer working in the field nearby, so he went nearer in his car and asked the farmer, “Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?”“Yes, ”the farmer looked at him strangely and said, “you are in your car, sir. ”
I can go home
One day after school the teacher said to his students, “Tomorrow morning, if any one of you can answer my first question, I will permit him or her to go home earlier.”
The next day, when the teacher came into the classroom, he found the blackboard daubed. He was very angry and asked, “Who did it? Please stand up! ” “It's me, said Bob, Now, I can go home. Good-bye, Sir. ”
握手时应用右手,并要注视对方,否则是不尊重对方的表现。有时为了表示更多的敬意,握手是还要微微点头鞠躬。握手要上下微摆,不要一握就不动。如果男子戴有手套,应先摘下手套再握手。若确有某种原因摘手套有困难,须先说一声Excuse my gloves,女的则不必摘手套。
cook one's goose
I cooked his goose by letting out the secret that he had resorted to bribery.
【天下最蠢的动物是什么?中国人一般都说是猪。不过,在英国,猪可不是特别蠢的动物,所以,要骂人蠢,不可以说You are a pig(你是一只猪),但可以说You are a goose(你是一只鹅)。据说,十六世纪中叶,瑞典国王埃里克十四(Eric XIV)曾经率军攻打一个城镇,镇中居民就在城墙上挂起一只鹅,意思当然是:“你这呆鸟!”埃里克大怒,发誓要“煮了他们的鹅””(cook their goose),纵火把那城镇烧了。于是,cook one's goose现在就解作毁掉某人前途、计划、希望。】
afraid of his own shadow
We can't leave her all by herself. She's afraid of her own shadow.
【《庄子·渔父篇》说,从前有一个人害怕自己的影子,于是不断奔跑想把影子摆脱,最后跑到支持不住,“绝力而死”。英国也有这样胆小的人,1513年,政治家兼作家托马斯.摩尔爵士 (Sir Thomas More)在《 理查三世 (Richard III)》里说:Who maye lette her to feare her owne shadowe?(古英语)是谁使她害怕自己影子的呢?中西方都有“怕影”的说法,这大概是因为人们总是潜意识的怕鬼,有时四周无人,看见自己的影子也会害怕起来。不过,我们现在说人家afraid of his own shadow,只是说这个人胆小到极点。】
National Day of Mourning(全国哀悼日)
 [ 2010-04-21 15:39 ]
The State Council, China's cabinet, announced national day of mourning would be held on Wednesday for the quake victims.
National flags will fly at half-mast in Qinghai and local people will pay a three-minute silent tribute starting at about 10 a.m. Wednesday to those killed in the disaster.
Old Age Allowance(高龄津贴)
[ 2010-04-15 10:44 ]
Residents older than 80 will get a unified old age allowance across China, a move indicating the government aims to end different allowance policies toward the elderly in different regions, the China Economic Weekly reported Tuesday.
Heal the world(拯救世界)
演唱:michael Jackson (迈克尔·杰克逊)
There’s a place in your heart (在你心中有一片净土)
And I know that it is love   (我知道那里充满了爱)
And this place could be Much brighter than tomorrow (这个地方会比明天更灿烂)
And if you really try (如果你真的努力过)
You’ll find there’s no need to cry (你会发觉不必哭泣)
In this place you’ll feel (在这个地方)
There’s no hurt or sorrow (你感觉不到伤痛或烦忧)
There are ways to get there (到那个地方的方法很多)
If you care enough for the living  (如果你真心关怀生者)
Make a little space (营造一些空间)
Make a better place…… (创造一个更美好的地方…)
Heal the world (拯救这世界)
Make it a better place (让它变得更好)
For you and for me and the entire human race (为你、为我,为了全人类)
There are people dying (不断有人死去)
If you care enough for the living (如果你真心关怀生者)
Make a better place for you and for me (为你,为我,创造一个更美好的世界。)
If you want to know why (如果你想知道缘由)
There’s a love that cannot lie (因为爱不会说谎)
Love is strong   (爱是坚强的)
It only cares for joyful giving (爱就是心甘情愿的奉献)
If we try (若我们用心去尝试)
We shall see (我们就会明白)
In this bliss (只要心里有爱)
We cannot feel fear or dread (我们就感受不到恐惧与忧虑)
We stop existing (我们不再只是活着)
And start living (而是真正开始生活)
Then it feels that always (那爱的感觉将持续下去)
Love’s enough for us growing (爱让我们不断成长)
Make a better world (去创造一个更美好的世界)
Make a better world…… (去创造一个更美好的世界……)
Heal the world (拯救这世界)
Make it a better place (让它变得更好 )
For you and for me and the entire human race (为你、为我,为了全人类)
If you care enough for the living (如果你真心关怀生者)
Make a better place for you and for me (为你,为我,创造一个更美好的世界)
Can you guess?

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