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Show  Myself
【English news英语新闻】
Michael Jackson top-earning dead celebrity: Report [2010-10-26 16:02]
Michael Jackson's sudden death sparked an outpouring of grief around the world, but fans also opened their wallets to make him this year's top-earning dead celebrity with $275 million, Forbes said on Monday.
Russian town issues etiquette tips on bear encounters [ 2010-10-21 15:00 ]
Officials in a remote Russian city have drawn up a list of practical tips for locals on how to survive encounters with bears, after growing numbers have wandered into the streets in search of food.
【The Lines in Films 电影台词】
《The Lion King(狮子王)》,1994年6月15日在美国首次上映,是“华特迪士尼公司”的第32部经典动画长片。影片讲述的是一头名叫“辛巴”(Simba)的狮子,为父亲森林之王报仇,与王叔刀疤展开一场决斗的故事。该片从莎士比亚的《哈姆雷特》(又名《王子复仇记》)获得灵感,成为迪士尼动画的里程碑作品之一。下面就是影片中一些经典台词,可以背诵哦!
1、Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.
2、I laugh in the face of danger.
3、I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.
4、When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.
5、It's like you are back from the dead.
6、You can't change the past.
7、Yes, the past can hurt. But I think you can either run from it or learn from it.
8、This is my kingdom. If I don't fight for it, who will?
9、Why should I believe you? Everything you ever told me was a lie.
10、I'll make it up to you, I promise. 
【Show time作品秀】


Show Myself
Mark Twain said that if you should climb the mighty Matterhorn to look out over the kingdoms of the earth, it might be a pleasant incident to find strawberries up there, but…you don’t climb the Matterhorn for strawberries!
In some ways, it’s right. The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it. I’m 16 years old this year. I have many dreams and the most significant one is studying hard for a fantastic future. So I’m willing to work hard. I believe that after suffering, it will get happiness. I will try my best to study for an ideal university.
If I say that I’m kind, attractive, straightforward and lovely, will you believe it? If you believe it, please make friends with me, I will bring you happiness. If you don’t believe it, I won’t mind. I will make friends with you, and I believe I will bring you surprise!  
 (宝应中学10级20班 郑 忱)
I’m Special
Standing in front of a mirror, I see a girl. She is ordinary-looking and average-sized. A normal girl? No, of course not. She is special.
She is not pretty. But she always wears a big smile on her face, so that she can always cheer others up. Look at her big eyes, the happiness and love for life is shining, which make her energetic and active. In addition, she is very confident and even a little proud.
She believes that “Where is a will, there is a way.” So she is hard-working and academic.   She has had a dream of being a student in Qinghua University since eight years old and every one believes that she will make it a reality. She is on the way now!
Her coat is pink. Yes, she loves pink, which is the very color that is soft, warm and comfortable. Yes, the girl is me, not perfect but special. Comparing our life to a stage,I am not the princess in the middle of it. I am just a little flower in the background, small but lovely, and trying its best to give off pleasant smells to make the world more beautiful.
  (宝应中学09级1班 唐 晨)
A Happy Boy
My name is Xiong Wei. I’m 14 years old. I’m a happy boy. Now I’m a student. But I want to be a scientist. That sounds good.
I like sports. For example, I like playing tennis, playing volleyball and playing ping-pong… But I like playing basketball best. I think it’s very exciting. But I only can play it in P.E class because I have lots of homework to do.
I have a healthy lifestyle, and I exercise every day. I never drink coffee or cola. I always drink milk and eat some vegetables. I love junk food, too. And I eat it once or twice a week. Good food and exercise help me get good grades.
I have many friends. I often play with them. Sometimes they can help me solve difficult problems. So I’m a very happy boy.
Do you want to be my friend? Please come to our class. Let me tell you more things about myself.  
 (监利新教育实验学校09级24班 熊 伟)
Find Another Perfect You
Now our school creates study groups, and we ourselves have become the masters of class, we teach each other by showing ourselves, and our teachers just make the comments to us .I know our school takes this approach to learning in order to encourage us to learn self-study, and self-display. However, when we are displaying in the group studies, there will be several problems, and the problems always worry us. How to show ourselves and how to deal with the problems?
First of all, we must know that each of us has a good side, we must be fully confident in learning activities to show our good sides to our teachers and classmates. Secondly, we must understand that the self showing is a kind of self-promotion, this can let other people know you, and understand you, it's really great. Thirdly you must realize that showing your elegant demeanor is nothing wrong, it’s just like a performance, and yourself is the main character, you can control the play and show yourself without any worries. Don't be shy, just be generous to show yourself, and you will find yourself actually very good!
You may say, although you know these, you think it's difficult to do so. Perhaps you will be nervous, and perhaps your classmates will laugh at you, but you must go on the display, you must believe yourself and bravely display. In the display of self, we overcome the tension and anxiety, find mistakes and shortcomings, it’s not just for others to learn the knowledge and we ourselves have also been a huge increase.
Friends , show yourself bravely, show your progress, grow up in the show, do not worry, do not be afraid, as long as confident, as long as bold. Show your best side to them, you will find another perfect you!
(宝应实验初中08级3班 吴韵清)
Show Yourself At Once!
As everyone knows, everybody has advantages. However, most people don't like to show them to others because of shame or fear. But you should know, if you don't show yourself, you will not be found although you are gold.
Since you are excellent, why not let others know that you are special and good? In the world, there is full of competition. However, it is impossible that everybody who has advantages can be appreciated. So, you should learn to show yourself to get success, and then you will get something you like and do something that you want to do. During the show, you will not only achieve a lot, but also will have more courage. On one hand, showing yourself will make you get better. On the other hand, it will also be an important part of your life and make your life colorful. Is there any reason to stop you from showing yourself?
However, if you only want to show yourself but take no action, it is also useless. But the new problem is how to show. In my opinion, it is very easy. First, you should catch the choice. Remember, any choice is only one time, it won’t come again. Second, prepare for your show carefully when you have got the choice. For example, if you choose to make a speech to show yourself, you can remember all the words and exercise more. Then, all the students and teachers will see your presence. To tell you the truth, showing is everywhere. You are showing yourself while you are doing something good such as helping the old across the road, saying “hello” to your teachers and classmates. I always believe the world is filled with show.
Please always remember, everyone in the world is the only one. Everyone has something good that others don't have. So, it is important to be confident. Then, you will feel the joy of showing more clearly. Do you think so?   
In a word, showing yourself will bring you a lot of things that you have not got before. Don't hesitate, show yourself at once!
(宝应实验初中08级17班 郁 静)
Be Confident of Myself
I’m proud of myself. I’m not a great person. And I’m not well-known either. I’m very small to the world, but I’m very important to my parents, my grandparents and my friends. I can share joys with my friends. Although I have no money, I can make them happy. I can do many things for them. So I always tell myself I am the best. In fact, everyone is very important. So we should be proud of ourselves.
I have a little confidence. I’m not good at running, even I do the worst of all my lessons, I always try my best. Finally, When the night are getting colder and longer, when the days are getting hard for you, as far as you are yourself and confident, you will find what everything will become more and more beautiful!
But the most important thing is that you must trust yourself and show yourself. This is everyone’s stage and I am showing myself!
  (宝应实验初中09级16班 朱 琪)
We all know the phrase "howling at the moon" is not a commendatory term,but the British one dairy farmer Rob Taverner do not think so.Every morning wearing a set of blue overalls and a pair of waterproof boots,he will play Taijiquan before his cows. He believes that animals are very vulnerable to infection of human emotions, and his performance also make cows feel happy to produce more milk。
“对牛弹琴”的成语大家都明白并不是一个褒义词,但英国一个奶牛场的农夫Rob Taverner却不这么认为。每天早上都会身穿那套蓝色工作服和一双防水长靴,在他喂养的奶牛们面前表演太极拳。他认为动物非常容易受到人类情感感染,他的表演也会让这些奶牛感到快乐,从而产出更多的牛奶。
If girls dance or go shopping with high heels for a long period of time, their feet may have to endure a lot of fatigue and pain. Then what they might want most is to be able to change their shoes into a pair of flat shoes or sports shoes. Now it may be easy do so.
Japanese macaques were employed by a Japanese Utsunomiya's dining room Kayabuki. One was the 12-year-old Fuku,and the other was the4-year-old Yat.These two monkeys work every day for 2 hours(Japanese animal rights and interests rule stipulation). They are putting on the specially-made uniforms,delivering the hot towel or the beer for the customers。
日本宇都宫的一家餐厅Kayabuki 雇用了2只日本猕猴当服务员,一只是12岁的Fuku,另外一只是4岁的Yat。这两只猴子每天工作2小时(日本动物权益条例规定)。它们穿着特制的服务员制服,为客人递送热毛巾或啤酒。
1. blow hot and cold
He keeps blowing hot and cold about immigrating to Canada.
人们年纪大了, 有时难免兴起“阅世渐惊寒暖变,逢人真觉笑啼难”的感觉。英文成语blow hot and cold,就有这种惊寒暖易变的含义。按《伊索寓言》里有《森林之神与旅人》的故事,说一天天气严寒,森林之神(Satyr)在林间碰见一个旅人,邀他到山洞里小坐。路上,不解世情的森林之神问旅人为什么频频对手呵气,旅人说是为了取暖。到了山洞,森林之神拿热汤招待旅人,旅人把汤凑到嘴唇吹。森林之神问这又是为了什么,旅人说是要把汤吹凉。 森林之神听了,马上下逐客令,说I will have no part with a man who can blow hot and cold from the same mouth(我不想跟一张嘴既可吹热又可吹寒的人来往)。后来,人们就用 blow hot and cold来说反覆无常或三心两意。
2. back to square one
He inherited a large fortune, but soon gambled it all away, so it was back to square one for him.
南宋绍兴十年,宋高宗一天之内连下十二道金牌逼岳飞撤军,放弃辛辛苦苦由金人手中夺回的领土。岳飞当时说了一句话:“十年之力,废于一旦!”这就是说,前功尽灭了。用英文成语说,就是back to square one(回到第一方格)了。Back to square one为什么有“前功尽灭”的意思呢?据说,从前收音机转播足球比赛,为了方便解说,广播节目表上会有一幅球场平面图。平面图分为多个有号码的方格,这样广播员只要说出第几个方格,听众就可以知道球员在哪里了。Back to square one就是回到球赛开始的地方。引伸其义,就是说回复原来状态。
1、问候 (Greetings )
问候的方式依时间、环境、双方熟悉程度等情况而定。Good morning/ afternoon/ evening分别用于早上、下午、晚上的问候,是较正规的用语。Hello/ Hi 则用于非正式的场合,是较随便的说法,在美国英语中,Good morning也常用于这种场合。Good night不表示问候,只用于晚上分手时。回答“How are you?”时,如果对方不是亲密的朋友或自己的家庭成员,即使你感觉不好,一般也要说Fine 或Very well(英国英语)。
告别的常用语是:I think it’s time for us to leave now / Good—bye / Bye—bye / Bye!/ See you later./ See you tomorrow / See you /Good night等。
Good—bye 是God be with you(愿上帝与你同在)的缩略句。据说是受了Good night 的影响,God才变成good,它可用于正式或非正式场合;Bye—bye或Bye,即是熟人之间较随便的告别语或儿语。中国话的“妈妈,再见!”“妈妈,我上学去了。”英语的说法是“Bye—bye , Mum! ”而对此的回答“你走吧!”是“Good—bye 或see you later”;回到家里则说“Hi 或 I’m at home”,对此的回答是“Hello/ Hi!” 美国口语中亲近的人之间也说“Take it easy”(好吧)。
3、提供及请求帮助(Offering and requesting help)
提供或请求帮助时,语调、语气都是非常重要的,总的说来,语调多用升调,语气尽量委婉,态度要和蔼、真诚,特别是对于不太熟悉的人来说,更要注意。常见的“But thank you all the same”是谢绝帮助的常用语。
【Laugh of the day百事可乐】
Bring me the winner
—Waiter, this lobster has only one claw.
—I'm sorry, sir. It must have been in a fight.
—Well, bring me the winner then.
Logic Reasoning
A fourth-grade teacher was giving her pupils a lesson on logic.
"Here is the situation," she said. "A man is standing up in a boat in the middle of a river, fishing. He loses his balance, falls in, and begins splashing and yelling for help. His wife hears it, and also knows that he can't swim, so she runs down to the bank at once. Why do you think she ran to the bank?"
A girl raised her hand and asked, "To draw out all of his savings?"
小学四年级的教师正在给学生们上一堂逻辑课。她举了这么一个例子:“有这样一种情况,一个男人在河中心的船上钓鱼,突然失去重心掉进了水里。于是他开始挣扎并喊救命。他的妻子听到了他的喊声,知道他并不会游泳,所以她就急忙跑向河岸。谁能告诉我这是为什么?” 一个女生举手答道,“是不是去取他的存款?”

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