My hopes for the New Year(101期)

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My hopes for the New Year

  在新的一年里,你最想实现的愿望是什么呢?本期报纸就为同学们开辟了这样一个平台,让我们一起来聆听同学们对新年的愿望吧——“My hopes for the New Year ”。

【Laugh of the day百事可乐】

  1. No Cavities?

  A smiling boy arrived home from a dental visit, "Hey mom, the dentist says I have no cavities."
His mom stared at him wide-eyed in surprise, "It's impossible --you never brush your teeth after cleaning the chocolate box before you go to bed!" Then the boy opened his mouth --he had not a tooth left!



  2.Who's More Polite?

  A fat man and a skinny man were arguing about who was the more polite. The skinny man said he was more polite because he always tipped his hat to ladies. But the fat man knew he was more courteous because, whenever he got up and offered his seat, two ladies could sit down.



  3.The Personal Physician

  here was a farmer who fell and broke his hip while he was plowing, and his horse immediately galloped five miles to the nearest town and returned, carrying a doctor on his back. “That’s a pretty smart horse,” the farmer’s friend later observed. “Well, he’s not really so smart,” the farmer said. “The doctor he brought back was a veterinarian!”


【Show time作品秀】

My hopes for the New Year
  The year 2012 is approaching day by day. Looking back on the past time in 2011, I feel a bit regretful to have done something wrong and have missed something important. Therefore, I have many hopes for the New Year. These hopes have been hidden in my heart for a long time.
  First of all, I wish that my parents could spend more time staying with my brother and me. They have been working in Shanghai for years. Each time I hear their tired voice on the phone, I feel worried about them.
  I know they have to earn money to support the family, but I really want to tell them there’s something more important than working — family warmth. Daddy and mummy, what I need more is communicating with you rather than money. I hope you will come back sooner so that I can hug you tightly.
  Then when it comes to my teachers and friends, I can’t help smiling as they are of great importance to me. I hope the teachers can work happily every day and can achieve high respect from everyone. I hope my friends live a happier life. It is they that are always standing up for me and encourage me whenever I’m in low spirits.
  Finally, I hope that I can keep calm when coming across difficulties. I often get upset due to a variety of problems, so in the New Year I must make some changes. I wish I could become more mature after getting through hardships and strengthen self-confidence. I’ll take control of my future.
  The whole New Year is ahead of me. What I need to do now is to study hard because every minute counts. Only if I do well at present can I accomplish my dreams.(宝应中学10级7班 朱丹丹)

I Wish…
  Gone are the days, and the 2012 is coming now. 2012 is a year that many people are concerned about some people even believe that on 21st, December. The world would be destroyed. On no account can we believe it.
  As the New Year is on the way, I wish that I would make great progress in my study. In a sense, it will provide me with a bright future .To achieve this goal, I need to put all my efforts into my daily work.
  The most important thing is that I will help more people in the next year.
  Last but not least. I wish that all my parents, classmates and teachers would be happy and healthy.
  What is more, I hope that the world would be more peaceful so that the people in these areas would not suffer from wars anymore.
  Wish 2012 a happy year!(宝应中学10级11班 许跃)

I am Looking Forward to…
  It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer. Maybe the reindeer’s flying in the sky so high. All of these come to us just because the New Year is around the corner. A new year is a new beginning. Everything is going to change in the next year. As for me, I also have a lot of new hopes for the next brand new year.
  The next year 2012, I will become a student of Grade 3, which is considered most busy and tiring. Everyone who has experienced this period says that this time is the most unforgettable because it is under the pressure of college entrance examination. After that, there is going to be a brighter and wide world in front of me. So the next year I hope to study harder than before. Concentrating all my attention on my lessons, I believe that I will make much greater process and get final success.
  During this year, there were a variety of things in my life. Sometimes, they are not very good, leading to some arguments between my friends and I know that all of them are the most important persons in my life. So next year, I hope my friends and I will forget sadness and we can get along with each other as before. And they can help me face more challenges in the next trip.
There are still a great number of hopes in my heart. I am looking forward to the next unknown New Year with curiosity and happiness.(监利中学10级18班 邹子涵)

Full of Hopes in 2012
  Each one of us is full of hope in the future, and wishes us happy in the New Year. I began to imagine my 2012..
  In the New Year, I hope that my grades will be better than now. I must get results into the top ten. So I must study harder and harder, make good preparation before class and review after class, finish the homework on time, do some extra-curricular subjects, and improve their ability of learning.
  In the New Year, I want to get rid of this trouble in class often sneak away, be absent-minded in class, not listening to the teacher, tricks, these are not supposed to happen. I should get rid of some bad habits.
  In the New Year, I want to travel to Weihai. It is a beautiful place, is China's famous places of interest and tourist city island, China Sino-Japanese War Museum and so on famous scenic spots are there.
  In the New Year, I want to strengthen my independence, and make myself more mature. I won’t rely on others any longer.
  In the New Year, I must strengthen own ability, to speak in public.
  New year with new hope, new hope in the New Year will be achieved. The children are looking forward to the New Year, grow tall; they want to broaden their horizons; the youth long to fly around the world. Everyone has his own wish, and all have good longing to future.
  New Year’s atmosphere is always cheerful and happy. (宝应中学10级4班 乔晨)

2012, with hopes
  The sunlight is as bright as that in spring, leaving me such an illusion that it is early spring rather than mid-winter.
  Perhaps it is because the New Year is approaching. We are happy because there is always a hope ahead of us like the bright sunlight, like the joyful cracking, like the feeling of puppy love.
  I am hoping to get smiles from all my darlings and even strangers everyday, especially I am the reason for them,so that life will be much brighter;
  I am hoping to tightly hold the old friends’hands and reach out for some excellent new ones so as to light a bigger fire of cause and life;
  I am hoping to take part in different sorts of events so as to show the world my ability and energy;
  I am hoping to explore new ways of living, studying and playing so as to enjoy most of what exists in the world;
  I am hoping to make full use of what I have got, because what has lost is lost, and there is no time like the present, so I should get hold of the present.
  I am happy because I have hopes in myself, in my darlings, and in my future. Happy, and happy again in 2012.(宝应中学10级16班 孔祥劼)

My plan for the New Term
  New term is coming, all things have changed, but one thing I have never forgotten, which is studying and studying. Next term, I will go to the senior school, so I must do a good job in entrance exam of senior school. Because of so many reasons, I mnke a plan for my study.
  The first thing, I will never waste my time again, you know Franklin said:"Never leave that until tomorrow, which you can do today." I will do it as good as Words of Franklin.
  The second, I will ask more questions which is a puzzle for me. Because these things can let me understand all of knowledge in the book very well.
  The third, I will do more exercises.
  To sum up, time is too important to let me get a good performance, so action is only one thing I can do! I will act in no time.(宝应中学11级6班 杨 刚)

My hopes for the New Year
  A new year means a new start. When I stand on the edge of the New Year, I can't help thinking about my next year.
  Firstly, I will get better grades. I’m good at English and Chinese, but I do need to improve in my Math. I’ll study better!
  Secondly, I will rid myself of my bad habits. I often get up very late. To get early is good for my health. So I‘ll get up earlier than usual.
  Last but not least, I will eat better. I often eat a lot of junk food,and they are not good for my health. I should eat more fruits and vegetables. They will make my body healthier and stronger.
  However, what I really decide to do is that I must make good use of anytime I can spare though it seems impossible. However, I will do my best to live up with what I have planned, and the result will prove it.(宝应中学10级22班 潘晓栋)

My Hopes in 2012
  It was not until I estimated the time remained before the holiday that I realized that the New Year was approaching. It was completely beyond my expectation to arrive so early. Yet, I happened to learn about that all goals can come true if they are set in advance, and can’t if not. In consequence, an idea that I should finger out my hopes came to my mind.
  The first hope is that I can possess a wider vocabulary of Chinese as well as English. As a matter of fact, I am always racking my brains so as to search words while facing composition titles, Chinese in particular. Thus I have a dream. In my dream, I can compose an article with literary grace as others do. What a relief it would be to me a student struggling for writing!
  Secondly, I hope that I could improve my ability of solving mathematical problems since I am longing for speeding up during a math exam. I ever imagined myself completing my math test paper ahead of others and getting a high score after a careful check.
  Thirdly, I hope that I can get more familiar with biology knowledge. I aim at becoming a biologist like my uncle who is doing researches on small living things abroad. I hope that I will be able to apply my knowledge to my own researches flexibly one day.
  Apart from my study, I hope to develop my physical power. I mean to advance my arms’ strength. What’s more, I desire to run faster. I love running and enjoy the sense of lightness and the touch of breeze. I hope running can accompany me in the New Year.
  I am also interested in making progress in my skills for taekwondo. Playing the routines of taekwondo is really fun. It will help form my characters.
  However, hopes are merely hopes. Whether my hopes can come into reality still depends on my efforts.(监利中学10级2班 邓广)

【English  news英语新闻】

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