Advertisements in Our Life(95期)

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  【Show time作品秀】
Advertisements in Our Life
  There are many kinds of advertisements in our life, some of which may fool people into buying their products, but some of which educate people about health, safety, and welfare, so we should be fully aware of them.
  Advertising plays an important part in our daily life, we can benefit from it if we can learn to distinguish between commercial advertisements and public service advertisements. In the meanwhile, we should know whether the advertisements tell a lie or the truth.
  Advertisements can tell people a lot of information about their products, which help people to make the right choice among all kinds of products without wasting time. However, some advertisements just tell the customers the advantages of their products, which the bad effects are often left out. We may fall for this kind of tricks. So next time, when buying a product, we should make the best choice instead of falling for the tricks. (宝应中学10级21班 杨 悦)

Can you speak English?
  The English language has become an international language because it is used by people in most countries in the world now. If we want to find a good job in the future, we must learn to speak English.
  Do you think English is very important? Oh yes, of course. In modern society, if you want to do some business with foreigners, you must speak English because most of them speak and write in English. Today, most of business letters are written in English, and most of valuable and important books are written in English. If you know a wealth of English, you will read newspapers and magazines in English and acquire a lot of knowledge which can help you to get in touch with others. You can also do what you should do to protect the world peace. In a word, English is used widely.
  Do you think English is interesting and beautiful? I learn that not all like English, because they are not good at their English study. Maybe they feel a little tired of it. But I want to tell you “It doesn’t matter”. Do you like watching film or listening to music? There are many films and music in English. When you have a rest, you can see an English film or listen to an English song. These activities can relax yourself. You will feel pleased with them and you will be interested in English sooner or later.
  Can you speak English? Ha, if you can not speak it well, let us pay more attention to English in our life! Try your best! I believe you can.  (宝应实验初中09级15班 韩 晨)

English Is Used in Daily Life
  Maybe many people think English is very far away from our daily life, but it is a wrong idea. In fact, English is very close to our life.
In many places, we can see a lot of signs written in English, if you don't understand English very well, how could you know what they mean? So English is very useful in our daily life.
  Now many brands' advertisements are written in English, including many famous ones. Such as IBM, and it means British Broadcasting Corporation, which uses an advertisement“No business too small, no problem too big.”In Chinese it means“没有不做的小生意,没有解决不了的大问题。” These advertisements even can help the brands to sell well.
  In our English classes, we can talk with teachers or classmates in English, this will also improve our spoken English and study skills. If we practice more and listen more, I'm sure we can study English much better.
  And there are some useful ways to learn English well in our daily life. Because we often see a lot of details in the street, on the food packages or on the labels attached to some clothes. To pay attention to the details around us is the best and the most effective way to study English.
  If you love watching and enjoying the movies, you’d better study English well because there are many famous films produced in Hollywood and most of them are in English.
  Do you want to study English well? Are you still worried about learning English or thinking it is too hard to remember English grammar or vocabulary? Please remember the most important thing: English is used in daily life! (宝应实验初中09级16班 朱 琪)

English in Life
  There are many English words in our life, do you know? No? Well, never mind. Let me tell you.
  In the world, many people speak English. In China, lots of people speak English too. In fact,there are lots of English words around us. They are in lyrics, slogans, and movies. Do you find them? They are very interesting. We should pay more attention to them.
  In our life, we can often see some English slogans: ‘To protect the environment is everybody's business.’ ‘Come on!’ And English is more apparent in the movie. Now we all love songs and many of them have English lyrics, like ‘baby, money’, ‘now, anyhow’. Besides, we can hear people speak English in our daily life like these: ‘Hello’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thanks’.
  So let us learn English well! It’s wonderful! Don’t you think so? (Huaian Foreign Language School Bao Jie Grade 7, Class 8)

  【Laugh of the day百事可乐】

  1. Doesn't it ever stop raining around here?
  One wet, windy weekend I was returning to Alaska, on a ferry, filled with visitors. I overheard a tourist ask a young boy, “Doesn't it ever stop raining around here?”
  “I don't know,”came the reply, “I'm only seven years old.”

  2.The Result of Laziness
  Mother:“Why were you kept after school today, Johnny?”
  Johnny:“Teacher told us to write an essay on 'The Result of Laziness', and I turned in a blank sheet of paper.”

  3. She ate all my bait.
  The young boy protested vigorously when his mother asked him to take his little sister along fishing. “The last time she came,” he objected, “I didn't catch a single fish.”
  “I'll talk to her,” his mother said, “and I promise this time she won't make any noise.”
  “It wasn't the noise, Mom," the boy replied, "She ate all my bait.”


   1. 感谢和应答(Thanks and responses )
  Thank you(thanks).在日常生活中无处不在,在西方国家,父母为子女或者子女为父母做了事,常常要说声Thank you (thanks).Thank you 主要用于以下场合:1)别人为你做了事或馈赠礼物等时;2)别人向你道贺时;3)听到别人赞扬你的话语时(我们中国人不太习惯说Thank you,而习惯说些谦虚的话);4)用于表示礼貌的承受,相当于 “Yes.” (No, thank you 则表示客气的拒绝)。
  回答感谢的常用语是:Not at all./ That’s all right./ That’s OK./ You’re welcome./ Don’t mention it./ It’s nothing./ It’s my(a) pleasure./I’m glad of the help.

  2. 漫话问候语
  我们再来看看英国,作为欧洲的一个岛国,因为特殊的地理位置,它的气候常年潮湿,多雾,首都伦敦是有名的“雾都”,常常阴雨绵绵。英国人出门时无论天气如何,总忘不了随身带把伞,所以英语中关于“伞”的故事特别多。天气便成了人们时常关心的话题。另一方面,英国人认为谈论天气不涉及个人隐私,人人可发表意见,不致引起误会。所以英语中有Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Lovely day, isn’t it? 之类的问候语也就很自然了。时间久了,也就成了与实际情况没什么关系的问候语,而失去了字面的含义。
  同样是英语,到了美国,又有了特点。近年来,美国社会暴力事件增多,人们便一改过去用Goodbye! (原义“上帝与你同在”,即God be with you.)而常用Take care!来道别,意为“当心”,“珍重”。也许是对上帝的保佑失去了信心,还是自个儿当心吧!显得更为亲切、自然。
  可见,我们学习英语,只学习单词和语法等等是远远不够的,还要注意学习与英语有关的背景知识,才能做到入乡随俗(Do in Rome as the Romans do.),避免产生误会或闹出笑话。

The   English   Advertisements(英语广告)
  在当今信息时代的社会中,广告无处不在。一条出色的广告语不仅吸引人的眼球,更带来生活品味上的共鸣和憧憬,它是商品的香水,在无形中催眠顾客,从而主导我们的感官选择,即使它只停留在美妙的文字上, 对我们来说,也是一种额外的享受。作为英语广告逐渐形成了自己鲜明的特点:简明易懂,生动形象,幽默新奇。同学们,你们注意到了吗?下面,就让我们一起欣赏一下经典的广告语哦!
  1.Time is what you make of it. (Swatch)
  2.Start Ahead.(Rejoice)
  3.Fresh-up with Seven-up.(Seven-up)
  4.Intel Inside.(Intel Pentium)
  给电脑一颗奔腾的“芯”。(英特尔 奔腾)
  5.Connecting People.(Nokia)
  6.For the Road Ahead.(Honda)
  7.Let us make things better.(Philips)
  8.Enjoy Coca-Cola.(Coca-Cola)
  9.Generation Next.(Pepsi)
  10.Communication unlimited.(Motorola)
  11.Behind that healthy smile,there ’s a
  Crest kid.(Crest toothpaste)
  12.Obey your thirst.
  13.Take time to indulge.
  14.Poetry in motion, dancing close to me.
  15.Just do it.
  16.The taste is great.
  17.Feel the new space.
  18.Intelligence everywhere.
  19.The choice of a new generation.
  20.Take Toshiba, take the world.
  The English Advertisements

  【English news英语新闻】
  He's back! Arnie returns as cartoon Governator
  施瓦辛格回归娱乐圈, 化身超级英雄“州长侠”
  Three months after standing down as California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is to return as a cartoon superhero version of himself, The Governator, he announced this week. The former champion bodybuilder turned Hollywood star — catchphrase "I'll be Back"

  This spells trouble! Real-life Dumbledore opens world's first wizard school
  He is the real-life wizard headmaster giving Harry Potter’s Dumbledore a run for his money.
  Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, 68, has dedicated his life to studying the Dark Arts - even doing the shopping in his wizard costume and wand.

  【English songs英文歌曲】
Yesterday Once More(昨日重现)

  When I was young
  I'd listened to the radio
  Waiting for my favorite songs
  When they played I'd sing along
  It makes me smile
  Those were such happy times
  And not so long ago
  How I wondered where they'd gone
  But they're back again
  Just like a long lost friend
  All the songs I love so well.
  Every Sha-la-la-la
  Sha-la-la-la Every Wo-o-wo-o
  Wo-o-wo-o Still shines
  Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
  shing-a-ling-a-ling  That they're starting to sing
  So fine.
  When they get to the part
  Where he's breaking her heart
  It can really make me cry
  Just like before
  It's yesterday once more.
  (Shoobie do lang lang)
  Looking back on how it was in years gone by
  And the good times that I had
  Makes today seem rather sad
  So much has changed
  It was songs of love that I would sing to them
  And I'd memorize each word
  Those old melodies
  Still sound so good to me
  As they melt the years away.

  【Buzzwords热词快递】 left in the basket 被置于篮子之中
  源自英国旧时习俗。旧时英国一些育婴堂门边放置几只篮子或筐子,以便接收弃婴,免得他们因无人照看而夭折。这些弃婴多为私生子或穷苦人家的孩子。由此产生be     left in the basket 一语,用来喻指“被遗弃(忽视、搁置)”或“落选”。
  [例句] All other plans are left in the basket. 所有其他方案都被搁置在一旁。

  2. bury / dig up the hatchet 埋入 / 挖出战斧
  源自北美印第安人风俗习惯。在印第安人部落中,斧子不仅是生产工具,也是战斗武器。印第安人常在斧子上刻上条纹以记录自己杀敌的数目。因此,当敌对双方讲和时,双方都要将战斧埋入地下,代表摒弃仇恨、敌对和殴杀,以示和解。而当他们重新开战时,又会举行仪式,将战斧挖出。后来,人们就将 bury up the hatchet 比喻为“休战;重归于好”,而dig up the hatchet 则喻指“宣战”。
  [例句] The two men had been enemies a long time, but after the flood they buried the hatchet. 这两人相敌甚久,但一场洪水使他们重归于好。

  3. come hat in hand 持帽而来
  源自英国民俗。根据当时英国的民间习俗,当一个人穷困潦倒、无以为生时,就可以手持帽子,低声下气地向别人乞讨,以获取他人的同情,这是一种非常丢脸的行为,所以一般人除非迫不得已,否则是不会这样做的。所以,come hat in hand 常用来比喻“走投无路”、“穷困潦倒”、“有求于人”。
  [例句] Retired workers need not come hat in hand to ask for supplementary allowance. 退休工人就不必卑躬屈膝地请求追加补助费了。


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